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How will my horse benefit?

As prey animals, horses mask their pain as much as possible.

Often, it is only detected when the pain/injury is more advanced and this is when it is going to be more expensive and more difficult to help your horse

Early detection benefits our horses, ourselves & our wallets.

As a Professional...

We all want to be at the top of our game, to provide the best care for the horses we look after, but sometimes it can be hard.

The information gained at this conference will help distinguish between

Behaviour or Pain?

Early detection benefits our horses, clients, ourselves and our wallets.

Your early observation of small pain cues will save your horse from unnecessary discomfort, reduce the risk of more severe injury, and/or complications and keep your horse sound and in work!

You will gain your horse's trust, there will be improved uncoerced cooperation...

and your horse will love you for it!

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